Silver Water with CBD and Vit. B12

30 Jun

CBD silver water with b12 vitamin is a very well thought product designed to help the recipient strengthen his/her immune system in the following ways:  first, we add to each dose of pure water about 20 ppm (parts per million) of plasma derived Ionic silver. Because no electrolysis is involved, there are no unknown salts in the product that might cause harm. (regular colloidal silver is obtained via electrolysis. Pure water does not conduct electricity so in order to obtain colloidal silver, some salts must be dissolved in water- salts that no one have any control of…) Our product bypasses this step completely because of the process we use silver plasma, therefore assuring a very pure end-product. This way we can neutralize poisons and toxins safely and without mal side effects.  Silver is known from antiquity to aid in wound healing, infection, strengthen immune system. Actually, in medieval time in Europe, during the plaque, people that kept the waters into silver vessels were spared from death. At that time, about one third of Europe population died in a single outbreak of what is called now the bubonic plaque.  The royalty used to give their infants  a silver spoon to suck on so the little one will have all the best chances of making it to adulthood. There is where the word- “was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” … came from. It was known that the silver will prevent diseases, which it did… In recent time, silver is used in modern wound care products, such as silver alginate, silver wash, silver fillers,  and also in water purifier for soldiers as in the Gulf war. To date there is no bacteria, virus, yeast, mold or prion that is known to survive in silver. To this amazing product we have added a lab verified pure CBD, as we are trying to restore homeostasis at the cellular level. CBD molecules have the inherent capability of coupling into the endocannabinoid receptors including the ones in the central nervous system and brain as it does pass the blood brain barrier. The B 12 vitamin is used as a cofactor by many, many reactions in the body- including energy formation, nerve impulses, etc.  Our product is based in science and we invite you to please read the rest of the articles and increase awareness of our products.

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