Structured Water with CBD and Vit. B12

30 Jun

The energized CBD water with B12 vitamin is structured water, alkaline type that possess about 1000 micro- Siemens of energy. It is considered the same type of water that stimulates biological processes, in the cells, and in mythology is considered the water of life. 

As humans, we are composed of about 2/3 of water. However, since water is a very small molecule, if we count the number of molecules in the body, water makes about 99.92 % of the number of molecules in us, or about 10 to the power of 27 or 10000000000000000000000000000 molecules. Means we can look in the mirror and admire how beautiful water is…  Since water is so important for our own existence, it makes perfect sense to research water, understand its behavior and qualities, use its properties for our benefit, preserve and protect this unbelievable great resource we all have. If most of us is water and water is by far the most abundant substance in us and around us, that means that it has a role in health and sickness. This is what drove us as scientists and doctors to research ways some people live to 100 or more and others get sick so early. Is there a water connection? Because water is so very abundant in us, we looked at almost all other factors and seldom at water…

We know that all reactions in the body are carried in a fluid medium, mitigated by water. We know that if water is properly structured in the body, it holds the shape. We also know that water acts almost like a living organism, has memory, picks up  most type of chemicals dissolved in it, it is influenced by the surrounding medium (Please see However, until recently, water was considered inexhaustible, cheap and dispensable…In recent years, the water quality started to be an area of interest and once this is brought to awareness, more and more people look for ways of protecting this resource  ( look at

Structured water (SW) is water that is exposed to a series of electromagnetic steps.   During the structuring process, because of the magnetic field applied, the memory of water is wiped up. I know it sounds crazy but water has memory. The resulting water forms structures that are very stable. (look at  > According to Dr Gerald Pollack, water exists in 4 stages  and the fourth stage is termed structured water or EZ- Exclusion Zone) water.  The Structured water have unbelievable properties as I will describe later.

The structured water does stimulate or inhibits the biological  function  depending of the way the water is processed and  where the process  is stopped. So, I can use SW in the creams to inhibit normal processes such as bacterial or fungal growth- or slows down aging.... This SW possesses about 33000 micro-Siemens.  The SW forms a lattice of honey comb like structures that are negatively charged inside and positive on the outside. It forms a molecular structure a little different than H2O and is thought to be H3O2. This is the formula around DNA and RNA molecules.  This structure eliminates Browmanian instability. If a hollow hydrophilic structure is immersed in water, (like a blood vessel) the positive charges will travel continuously in the center of the tube while the negative once will be deposited on the walls of the tube. The energy needed is provided by the ions in the solution but the + will not mix with the – because of structuring exclusion zone ( EZ) phenomenon.  Here the magic happens. The resistance is decrease to almost zero; water slims down to accommodate needed space. This is also the reason water travels up against gravity in small tubules.  The water keeps the hydronium ions out- on the periphery.  In nature, the radiant light- from the sun- powers this process.  If I remove the positive charged ions, the negative ones will break the structure instantly. SW has two modes of action that we know of and were described so far. One it does have properties of an acid – or base depending of the way we structure it and also of water.  It penetrates the tissue as an acid but it reacts as water once in. It also has ions capable of donating electrons (hence acidic), therefore is considered a  powerful antioxidant as it stabilizes free radicals. The second effect is obtained due to piezoelectric micro-current.  Once the piezoelectric micro-current touches a node- a receptor, it stimulates collagen formation. This is the underlying mechanism of bone regeneration after a fracture or an injury. Those piezoelectric micro-currents are also responsible for causing cells to differentiate into stem cells. SW works as a proton superconductor in the body- just as carbon nano-tubules or Carbon 60 (here, one plus one equal four or more)

SW is a lattice of hexagonal water structures that are negative inside and has a lot of positive charges on the outside- that holds the water together. The positive charges (acidic), are pushed in such a way that they cannot penetrate the negative structural water because of EZ phenomenon. Negative (alkaline)- will be always on and around the hydrophilic surfaces...  Since positive charges repel, it forms enough ionic rejection- just like magnets that repel if same pole is pushed on each other- to prevent the cell to collapse or larger structures-as joints to come together; it forms a cushioning layer around joints- like an electric spacer. Excellent for joints and ligaments…

 This structuring of water naturally exists in our body in every cell. For example, in the cell we have a protein, as a mitochondria organelle that is surrounded by a hydrophilic membrane. Inside the cell, are hundreds of little organelles, all surrounded by water. The water forms a small EZ (or Exclusion zone) right next to the hydrophilic membrane. This way, the positive hydronium ions are pushed about 60 nanometers away, so it structures itself.  This is considered the force that drives the mitochondrial proton pump so we get energy.  So structured water is absolutely essential for biological processes and it does exist in every little cell in our body.  This is the same principle that holds the clouds in the sky.

 This structuring could be increased or decreased. For example, acidic solutions- such as aspirin or our type I SW increases EZ multiple folds- like hundreds of folds. Anesthesia decreases this structuring model and could bring it to zero if given in enough concentration

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