Energized structured water with CBD 10 mg, Vit B12, 12 oz

The energized CBD water with B12 vitamin is structured water, alkaline type, with pH of 9.5 that possess energy. It is considered the same type of water that stimulates biological processes, exist in all the the cells, and in mythology is considered the water of life. By using this type of water, you are helping your body at cellular level by restoring the structured configuration of water in every cell. Because we had added a lab verified pure CBD, we are trying to restore homeostasis at the cellular level. CBD molecules have the inherent capability of coupling into the endocannabinoid receptors including the once in the central nervous system and brain as it does pass the blood brain barrier. The B 12 vitamin is used as a cofactor by many, many reactions in the body- including energy formation, nerve impulses, etc. Our product is based in science and we invite you to please read the rest of the article and increase awareness of water and its qualities.

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